March 27, 2014

Wooden Combs 101

Body Shop Wooden Comb Price: $7.00
This is a product that I will always have in my stash. It’s been a great addition to my hair care tools and detangling routine. Unfortunately not many people are aware of the benefits of a wooden comb.

So let me tell you about them :)

  • Doesn’t cause static like plastic combs
  • Distributes hair oils and reduces frizzies
  • Glides through my hair nicely so no pulling
  • Most are seamless and won’t snag on hair
  • The teeth are long enough to get down to my scalp without murdering my hair
       Every once in a while its best to oil the comb to keep it from cracking and drying out. Also, I  put a dry towel in between the teeth to keep gunk from building up.  And of course, keep it out of my shower and wet's made of wood :) Proper care can ensure wooden combs last for years.

Where to find:
Target, Whole Foods, and The Body Shop. Some brands like Eco-tools and Conair Natural  lines make wooden combs. There's always ebay and etsy, too. 

Price: The Body Shop Comb is $7.00 but usually goes on sale for around $4.20. Prices vary but are mostly higher than plastic ones. You can even contact some etsy sellers to have your comb custom made to your liking.

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