The Blog:
Skin, the body's largest organ absorbs everything we put on it. Whether it be a lipstick, lotion or any thing else we apply, it makes its way into our body and bloodstream. So, it's our personal responsibility to increase awareness of what we are put on and IN ourselves. I am advocating that we become equipped with knowledge to make better decisions for ourselves and our environment. Through this blog, I hope to share my thoughts and look forward to learning from others. I am striving towards incorporating a natural approach to hair, skin, and life. This blog will document my journey towards a natural, low chemical, and cruelty free to live beautifully. It's a space for my inspiration and passion to come to life. 

The Blogger:

To me, make-up, skincare, hair are not trivial. They are essential. I am a firm believer in the therapeutic and healing value of self-care.  Everyone needs "me-time". 

Want to know more? Just ask me :) 

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