January 10, 2015

Beauty Bite: Green Tea

A favorite part of my evenings is sitting down with a good book and a nice cup of green tea. Green tea has so many health benefits as well as beauty benefits. Getting in 3-5 cups of green tea in a day is great way to take care of your skin and hair from the inside out. Below are top 5 beauty benefits of green tea.

1. Prevents wrinkles
Green tea is full of antioxidants! They prevent the formations of radicals, which influence the rate of wrinkles. So by getting a high intake of antioxidants, it will reduce the likelihood of getting wrinkles and keep you looking younger.
2. Flushes out toxins
Can flush out toxins from your body as well as extra fluid your body is not using. This will aid in reducing any bloating or extra water you’re holding.
3. Can help De-stress
Thiamine found in green tea has been found to have a calming effect. Only thing - to feel less stressed you need to consume 4-6 cups a day.
4. Protects skin from sun damage
Catechins is a group of antioxidants which can also help fight of free radicals. The most common cause of free radicals comes from sun exposure, which causes a majority of premature aging.
5. Improves hair health
Some studies have shown that drinking green tea can effect DHT levels which is linked with hair loss. Also the EGCG found in green tea have shown to stimulate hair follicle growth. In addition, green tea is a good source of panthenol, which is often used in hair care products to strengthen hair. So green tea can potentially be useful in improving hair health. 


  1. Love green tea x http://bambidreaming.blogspot.co.uk

  2. I don't drink green tea often, but after reading this I think ill drink it more often. Great post Kaya

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