December 19, 2014

What's in my Bag ?

I'm completely addicted to this phenomenon of sharing what people carry and how they carry it. It's a sneak peak into the life and habits of a person. It says so much about a person as well as the products they keep. So with here's what's in my purse:

What's in my bag
Bag: Longchamp Le Pliage Tote Bag
1. Make-Up Bag: This is the Longchamp cosmetic case which holds all my everyday essentials. No, I'm not a morning person so I need my morning routine to be as travel friendly as possible.
Makeup Bag: My most loved and most hated products can all be found in one place: 1. Hand Sanitizer, 2. Yes To Coconuts Facial Wipes (love these), 3. Mouthwash, 4. Burts Bees Lip Balm ( Hate this), 5. Red Apple Lipstick Gloss ( love this), 6. Yes to Coconuts Lip Oil (Hate this so much and can't wait to finish), 7. Murad Skin Perfecting Moisturizer (Love), 8. Wooden Hair Comb (love), 9. Ficcarre Hair Clip, 10. EOS lip balm (hate), 11. Hello Kitty Compact Mirror, 12. Tweezers, 13. Stila eyeliner, 

2. Pencil Case: I'm still into the habit of writing things down so I need a dedicated pencil case. I bought this from Barnes and Nobles maybe 8 years ago from the Johnathan Adler collection. It  looks just like it did  the first day I purchased it! I regret not buying the whole matching line.
Pencil Pouch: Trying for the monotone look
3. Water Bottle: Empty pink Rubbermaid water bottle. I'm paranoid about carrying liquids so I keep an empty bottle that I can fill up at work.
4. Watch: Yes, my watch lives in my purse because otherwise I would forget to wear it. Its a rose gold Fossil watch I bought last year.
5. Keys: I keep my keys simple as possible. Store Loyality cards live on their very own keyring that I keep in my wallet.
6. Change pouch: Since I commute to work, well - I need change. This beauty was a gift from a friend so I don't know where its from.
7. Wallet: I bought this from some years ago and it has served me well. I think its called Bonne Nouvelle Poste. Wouldn't Recommend it though since it wears easily.
8. Phone: I have a Samsung S4 and love this case I bought off of Amazon for a few bucks. It actually looks better the more wear and tear it acquires.
9. Mac Air: Work Essential
10. Planner: There's no way I can say enough good things about this planner! Its a super simple open planner that gives you plenty of room to jot anything down while still being small enough to travel with. I highly recommend it! It's called Poketo Minimal Planner and is $8! For 2015, I will be trying out the L.A Sugar Paper Planner though, just to try something new :)

What's something you always carry in your purse or bag?

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  1. I keep one of those pretty smelling sanitizers in my bag at all times


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