October 25, 2014

Au Naturale Journey

As I mentioned in my Going Green Tag, I'm still in the process of moving away from chemical laden products as well as products that test on animals. But I wanted to share some changes that I've made below:

Sunscreen: I'm trying this one out from Yes To Cucumber and so far I'm not impressed. It leaves a white film and burns my skin at times. Its just not what I expected from a "natural" brand. It's also not that moisturizing either. The only thing I like is the packaging. Products that come with a pump are so much easier to use.

Lip Balm: Smith's Rosebud Salve has been working really well for me. The texture is smooth and so easy to apply. I apply a generous amount at night and have super soft lips in the morning. It truly lasts all night and through the morning. Fresh Lip Balm is another favorite. This stuff feels wonderful on the lips and has a nice scent, too! Only downside with this, is that it melts fairly easily.

Eyeshadow: I know everyone knows about Urban Decay shadows and what not. But I've been trying to avoid them like the plague. I'm not really sure why but if everyone raves about a particular product sometimes I become reluctant to try it. So when a friend passed this down to me, I was like meh and threw into my makeup drawer. But after using it a bit...I GET IT! I know why everyone loves these shadows! I have the color blunt and am looking to pick up more shadows. So far I'm eyeing Buck, Chopper, and Half Baked but I plan to wait for  Sephora's F&F sale....or maybe I should just get the Naked Palette? Yea. I know. I'm totally late on that boat.

Nail Polish: Dear Butter London, my heart belongs to you. Chanel had me because of the brand name but they can not compare in quality to you. I will forever be yours and you will be forever on my finger tips. This ode I dedicate to you.

Here are some goals I've made for myself so far to get me along on my green journey:

Au Naturale Goals
Make Up

1. Have 100% cruelty-free products in my collection
2. Have 30% natural Indie brand products in my collection
3. Use up all my conventional and PRE-au natural journey products
4. Pace myself and buy things that I will use and love. (DO NOT BECOME A HOARDER)
5. Use up all my lip glosses and replace with 100% vegan lip products

1. 30% of my skincare regiment should be DIY herbal or food grade
2. Explore natural face masks
3. Do more face massages
4. Find a sunscreen that I love and works for me
5. Use up all my conventional and PRE-au natural journey products

1. Be consistent with a regime
2. Learn to love my hair the way it
3. Be kind and gentle to it
4. Wear hats to protect my scalp
5. Learn more updos.
6. No more hair ties. Ever.

7. Use more henna

1. Build a Butter London collection J

2. Pace myself and buy things that I will use and love. (DO NOT BECOME A HOARDER)

3. Take better care of my hands

So I hope I can do this! I will post an update on how this all goes in January 2015.

Let me know if you have any suggestions or food for thought. 

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